July, 2016


After careful review of the ASC Core Fund Investment Options, the following change has been approved by our Investment Committee and Raymond James, Investment Advisor. The change in the below fund is closely tied to the Mid Cap Index and will result in a lower expense ratio.

The following new investment option will be added:

  • Vanguard Mid Cap Index I (VMCIX)

The following investments will be removed from the plan's investment options:

  • Vanguard Extended Market Idx I (VIEIX)

Account balances in the investments being removed will be transferred as follows:

Discontinued Investment   Balance Transferred to
Vanguard Extended Market Idx I
TO Vanguard Mid Cap Index I

New Investment Performance and Expenses

The table below provides important information about the performance and expenses associated with your new investment option:

New Investment Performance and Expenses
  Average total return as of 6/3/2016
Name Three Month


1 Year

3 Year

5 Year

Vanguard Mid Cap Index I

6.75% 4.02% -2.63% 10.58% 10.96%
Benchmark 6.21% 3.94% -5.49% 7.54% 8.92%

Total annual operating expenses: 0.07% ($0.70 per $1,000). 


If you hold a balance in the core fund being replaced, your balance will be transferred into the new fund no later than July 31, 2016 unless you notify us in writing. Additionally, your fund allocation will be mapped to the replacement fund to ensure no additional purchases of the old core fund. Should you have any questions regarding the asset allocation changes or about your account, please contact