3rd Quarter 2019 Gaseta


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Archived Gasetas

Investment Performance

ASC maintains diversified investment options for our participants to choose from consisting of institutional class mutual funds, ETFs, collective investment trusts, and profile allocations within a wide range of investments styles and asset classes. These options enable participants to meet their individual retirement savings needs and other financial goals.
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Archived Reports

Your Plan Servicing Team

Top left to right: Courtney Buccat, Leilani Benavente, Amanda Santos, Marie Javier, Gaby Bamba
Bottom left to right: Nathan Cruz, Arnel Lumanog, Marie Unsiog


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This material is intended to communicate current economic and capital market information along with the informed perspectives of Raymond James' investment professionals.
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This quarterly publication aims to help you understand various retirement and financial planning issues and how to address them.

This quarter's issue includes the following articles: 
 Training for retirement
 Technology to help stay connected
 A circle of care

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Fidelity Investments provide trading and custodial services to ASC Trust Corporation. This section is dedicated to providing insights on a variety of topics covered in Fidelity Viewpoints, a monthly publication offered to their stakeholders.
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