About ASC

Our Story


ASC Trust is a proven leader.

We’re the largest provider of retirement plan management services in Micronesia. To best serve our clients, our team of more than 47 professionals are located in three locations throughout the region. We manage in excess of 590 retirement plans, representing 30,000 participants and more than $1 million in assets.


Our business philosophy is simple:

The participants in our plans come first in everything we do. For the past two decades, this understanding has led ASC Trust to create an extensive selection of innovative products and services designed to help plan participants save for a successful retirement, one paycheck at a time.


Our goal is simple yet bold:

We aim to revolutionize retirement plans in the Pacific Region by providing plan sponsors and participants the services they need to plan for a successful retirement.


When an employer hires ASC Trust to manage a retirement plan, we can offer the best of two worlds.

A local team providing unparalleled personal service and the support of industry-leading partners*, including SunGard, Raymond James and Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, that help manage our technology and our investments.

“ASC Trust Corporation approached us with the pitch that dealing with a 401(k) provider in our own time zone would not only be about convenience, but that it could also be cost-effective. Having dealt with a couple of off-island 401(k) providers in the past, our staff was hesitant to undergo another change that would directly affect their families’ future. In the end, we made the decision to go with a local provider with a trusted reputation. Since switching to ASC, the staff has experienced a level of service where not only their expectations were met, but they truly felt like they were taken care of by someone who cared. We made the right choice.

Brian Bamba

Executive Vice President, IP&E