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ASC Trust Corporation

ASC Trust Corporation was founded in 1990 and was launched when the regional economy was undergoing unprecedented growth in the private sector. At the time, there was no retirement system, other than Social Security, to support private sector employees.

Over the years, many companies have tried to set up retirement plans using mainland providers to support their plans. However, most found that working with a company without a local presence was a formula for failure and eventually turned to ASC for a one-stop solution in helping them design, implement, communicate, administer, consult, and support their retirement plans.

ASC follows a simple philosophy that the individual participant in our plans comes first in everything we do. Over the past two decades, this simple philosophy has led ASC to create a wide selection of innovative products and services designed with one thing in mind - helping our participants save for a successful retirement one paycheck at a time.

Today, ASC is the choice of the majority of fiduciaries who run retirement plans in the region. We manage in excess of 300 retirement plans, representing over 20,000 participants and over $450 million in assets. This makes us by far the largest provider in our region.

To service our member participants, ASC has a regional team of 50 with offices in Guam, Saipan and Manila. Further, to ensure that we have state-of-the-art information systems, trading capabilities and investment products, we have partnered with the following industry leaders: Fidelity Investments, Sungard, and Morningstar. Together, we provide global expertise and services with a local touch.

Our goal is simple and bold: we aim to revolutionize retirement plans in the Pacific Region by providing plan sponsors and participants with the tools and personal necessary to plan for a successful retirement.

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