Helping you save for a successful retirement, one paycheck at a time


Participants Come First

ASC Trust is sustained by the faith that participants place in us. Their trust is built on our integrity and our advocacy of their interests.

Superior Products

Our products must delight our customers, exceed their expectations, and raise the standard that has come before.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit inspires independent thought, agile decision making, and an acceptance of creative solutions to business problems.

Uncompromising Ethics

ASC Trust requires that everyone in the organization adhere to the highest ethical standards, even when it may be costly to company business.

Great People

Every person who works at ASC Trust contributes to our success. While we seek superior individual performance, we will not reward it if it comes at the expense of others.

Financial Success

As long as we use our financial success to further our purpose, in harmony with our values, we will generate increasing gains for our customers, our employees, and our stockholders alike.


  • ASC Trust Corporation approached us with the pitch that dealing with a 401(k) provider in our own time zone would not only be about convenience, but that it could also be cost-effective. Having dealt with a couple of off-island 401(k) providers in the past, our staff was hesitant to undergo another change that would directly affect their families’ future. In the end, we made the decision to go with a local provider with a trusted reputation. Since switching to ASC, the staff has experienced a level of service where not only their expectations were met, but they truly felt like they were taken care of by someone who cared. We made the right choice.

    Brian BambaExecutive Vice President, IP&E