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Chart: Are you on target to a successful retirement? Content of chart is a line graph showing the difference between an example "current projection," "recommended contribution," and "successful target."

As a participant in a Defined Contribution plan (401k, 403b and IRA accounts) you receive quarterly statements. These statements are helpful in communicating the results of the prior quarter.

However, they do little to confirm that you are on track to reach a financially successful retirement.

To help you track your progress, we have developed the ASC Trust Report Card for Success System. It provides you an annual personalized retirement income report that analyzes your savings activity and generates a chart that tracks your progress. You can easily determine whether you are on target or falling short. Most importantly, the report provides options you can use to help get you back on track if you are falling short.

ASC Trust defines a successful retirement as having enough money during retirement years to maintain the standard of living you maintained during your working years.

We believe you will need to replace approximately 85 percent of the salary you earned in your final working year to maintain the same standard of living in retirement.

Let one or our advisors complete a personal ASC Report Card for you.

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