Keeping Your Wealth
Chart: IRA, old 401k, and pension consolidate into an existing 401k

If you’ve left money behind in a former employer’s savings plan or have multiple IRA accounts, it makes good financial sense to consolidate them now.

When you do, you will earn these benefits:

  • A single view of your retirement resources
  • Easier account management

Consolidation will also offer you continued potential for tax-deferred growth, and you will gain better control of your financial life, making it easier to track your progress and maximize your savings.

Roll Over

Roll Over Your Savings

Roll your savings into your existing employer’s plan and benefit from:

One account and statement for your retirement savings

A set of investment choices pre-screened by your employer

An opportunity to defer required distributions if you are 70.5 or older and still working

Roll your savings into an IRA with ASC Trust. Benefits include:

No annual account maintenance fees

Flexible distribution options

Penalty-free withdrawals for education and first-time home purchase

Personalized investment advisory support

Start Your Journey

Start Your Retirement Journey