Our Values

ASC Trust is sustained by the faith that participants place in us. Their trust is built on our integrity and our advocacy of their interests.

Our products must delight our customers, exceed their expectations, and raise the standard that has come before.

The entrepreneurial spirit inspires independent thought, agile decision making, and an acceptance of creative solutions to business problems.

ASC Trust requires that everyone in the organization adhere to the highest ethical standards, even when it may be costly to company business.

Every person who works at ASC Trust contributes to our success. While we seek superior individual performance, we will not reward it if it comes at the expense of others.

As long as we use our financial success to further our purpose, in harmony with our values, we will generate increasing gains for our customers, our employees, and our stockholders alike.

ASC Trust maintains a selection of diversified investment options for participants, including institutional-class mutual funds, exchange traded funds, collective investment trusts and profile allocations. And we offer a wide range of investments styles and asset classes.

Our investment options are designed to help participants with a variety of needs. Some may be comfortable creating their own strategy, others may understand their risk tolerance but have little time to act on their decisions. Still others may realize the need to participate in a retirement plan but have neither the time nor desire to choose investments on their own. ASC Trust is committed to helping all participants meet their individual retirement savings needs and personal financial goals.