Promissory Note

Loan terms. I promise to pay ASC Trust LLC, as Trustee of the Plan, the principal amount plus interest. The interest on the outstanding principal balance will be based on the loan policy. I will repay my loan according to the Amortization Schedule. Please refer to the Amortization Schedule for the breakdown of the principal and interest per pay period and over the full term of the loan. My account investments will be sold as needed to fund my loan. The part of my loan that has not been repaid will not earn investment fund returns. Instead, all interest I pay on my loan will be credited to my account. I agree to the conditions in this Promissory Note.

Late charges. There are no late charges

Prepayment. There is no penalty for paying off your loan early.

Call provision. Unless otherwise stipulated in the loan policy, the total unpaid balance will become due immediately if your employment with the Company ends or the Plan is terminated. If you do not repay the balance, it will be treated as a Plan distribution, subject to taxes and penalties as described below.

Security. The funds in your Plan account will act as security for your loan (I hereby grant a security interest in my account for that purpose.) If you do not repay the loan, the loan principal and any interest you still owe will be subtracted from your account total.

Payment authorization. Each payment will be taken from my wages or salary through payroll deductions collected by my employer and sent to ASC Trust LLC. Payments will be applied first toward interest due. The rest of each payment will lower the remaining principal balance. Any unpaid interest and principal will become due on the “final payment due date” shown in the payment schedule above. Also, I understand that a quarterly loan maintenance fee will be charged to my account.

Tax consequences of defaulting. If I fail to repay the loan under the terms of the Note, the Trustee may report the unpaid balance to the proper tax authority as a taxable distribution. If I am under age 59-1/2 at the time the loan becomes a taxable distribution, a 10% early withdrawal penalty may apply.

Prevailing authority of the Plan. The Promissory Note has been drafted in accordance with the Plan’s loan provisions, which are hereby incorporated as part of the Note by reference. This includes the requirement that, if the loan is scheduled to be repaid over a period exceeding 60 months, the borrower certifies that the proceeds will be used to acquire his or her primary residence. If this Note and any provision of the Plan are found to be inconsistent, the Plan shall prevail.